• P1010084

    Noosa (QLD)

    Noosa has got to be one of the most beautiful and scenic areas along the east coast. It has everything needed for a carefree lifestyle. I once asked a tour

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  • DSCN0046

    Darwin (NT)

    As the capital of the Northern Territory, Darwin is a relatively small city. In fact, my town back in England is probably bigger, no definitely in fact. Coming up here

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  • nomads byron

    Nomads Hostel review- Byron Bay

    The Wi-Fi is crap, but at least it’s free. The dorms are spacious (even 8 bed rooms), so plenty of room to site your bags and still have space to

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  • IMG_9297

    Scuba Diving- passing my PADI with Pro Dive!

    My head felt like it was going to spontaneously combust most of the day, each dive with multiple nose bleeds and blocked ears. Going down, and coming up felt like

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  • IMG_0755

    Litchfield National Park

    I didn’t think I’d be in the area more than a week or so, however one of my main reasons for visiting NT, was to see one of the national

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