Fraser Island- I drove across the world’s largest sand island!


Three days on Fraser Island- I’m not sure whether I’ll remember this more for the scenery, the activities, or the company I kept? I made some memories if nothing else. I pre-booked a “tag-along-tour” package with Palace Hostels, leaving from Hervey Bay. I didn’t know what to expect, really. A tag along tour is basically a three day camping expedition

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Darwin (NT)


As the capital of the Northern Territory, Darwin is a relatively small city. In fact, my town back in England is probably bigger, no definitely in fact. Coming up here was a spare of the moment thing for me. I had just finished my East Coast trip, and was on the verge of starting the “working” section of my journey.

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Budget food and self-catering in Australia


This to me, is a challenging subject when travelling and keeping costs economical. Types of food bought have to be purchased in small quantities, be compact/lightweight, easy to store and prepare. When changing location every few days/week, and with hostels often having fairly basic cooking facilities, these requirements are crucial.   I naturally have a very high metabolism, which basically

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